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Terms & Conditions

Preamble : having its registered office at 14 rue de l'église Saint Etienne - 88400 Gérardmer - France, hereinafter "the Designer" is a creative professional, development, and website programming and software.
The Client wishes the Designer to create, modify, and reference his website or software to obtain personalized services, specifically developed according to his needs.
Il has been agreed and what follows from the Designer and the Client hereinafter "the Parties":

1. General

This contract allows to define the conditions under which the Designer will create, develop, implement, host, reference and maintain the website of the Client, designed to be used on the Internet or an Intranet.
The Client, by using the skills of the Designer acknowledges accepting the terms and conditions below.

2. Prices and services

The prices stipulated in the quotation are valid for one month from the date of issuance thereof. These are fixed and not subject to revision if it occurs during this period.
The deliverables are those clearly stated on the quotation. Any service not stated will not be included.
The Designer reserves the right to change the price of its services at any time, depending on each client's project.

3. Order and start of work

The quotation is signed by the diffuser for approval and purchase order.
It must be accompanied by a payment of 30% of the total amount indicated in the quote.

4. Terms of payment

Unless additional payment period agreed between the two parties and on the invoice, the payment is made no later than the thirtieth day after the date of invoice.
In a case of a late payment, a penalty set at 15% of the total amount of the invoice per month of delay, is due the day after the payment deadline.
Payments by bank transfer or by check payable to Jean-Philippe Lejal.

5. Copyright and Intellectual Property

Any element given by a party is protected by copyright and neighboring rights and remains its own property. In no event shall this contract does a transfer of intellectual property rights, moral or economic, of any kind whatsoever.
Each Party undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights of the other, in accordance with the Intellectual property code, and those that could be recognized subsequent to this contract.

6. Copyrights and trade references

The Designer reserves the right to include in the realization the commercial mention indicating its contribution in the form of a statement such as "Development : JP Lejal" accompanied by a hyperlink to the commercial website of its activity ( The publisher undertakes not to oppose it, and to never delete these information.

7. Hosting - Domain Names

The Designer reserves the right to make the hosting and domain names rental provisions from an external provider.
In this case, the general terms and conditions of the provider apply for hosting and domain names renting.
The Designer register any domain name on behalf of the Client.
The Client is responsible to perform any useful prior research to avoid any conflict with any trademark owner or any intellectual property rights.

8. Obligations of the Client

The Client agrees to provide the Designer all documents, information and datas to enable him to make the work according to the needs and wishes of the Client.

9. Applicable Law - Disputes

This contract is subject to the French law. Any dispute relating to the interpretation, the realization or the validity of this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court.